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What Happened on My Kitchen Rules Monday Night on Channel 7



Queensland fine diners Kate (38) and Mary (57), who appeared on MKR on Monday night, demonstrated that thorough preparation yields nearly perfect results by winning the competition with a score of 87/110.

While the Fish, Braised Leek, and Beurre Noisette they had planned for their entrée didn’t turn out as they had hoped, Kate and Mary’s quick decision to toss the failed crispy fish skin prevented a disastrous outcome.

Judge Manu Feildel said the presentation of their entree was “gorgeous”, but the fish was slightly overcooked. He said it was a great dish but needed a little more to make it a successful dish.

Desperate to improve on their entrée, Kate and Mary returned to serve their main of Brisbane Valley Quail with Fig and Goat’s Curd Salad. The consensus around the table was that Kate and Mary had nailed the cooking of the quail; a simple dish executed well.

Manu said it was a brilliant dish and a perfect main for Kate and Mary’s start in the competition.

“Very ballsy to be cooking 12 quails for all of us. Kind of a simple dish when you think about it, all you had to worry about was the quail, but yum! I loved it!

“I loved it because of its simplicity. But it’s got different layers of flavours that make the dish absolutely delicious. The quail is cooked to perfection.”

Riding high on the success of their main, Kate and Mary served their dessert of Macadamia Tart with Saffron Poached Pear.

Judge Nigella Lawson said the “smile-inducing” dish was beautiful, reminding her of the scent of an autumn garden and praised the team for their impeccable short pastry.

Manu was also impressed. “Your poached pears are absolutely done textbook. They’re juicy, well cooked, soft and fresh. And that pastry case is absolutely amazing.”

“After our instant restaurant, I think the other contestants are going to be double thinking what they’re doing at their instant restaurants,” said Kate.

“I think we are a real threat,” added Mary.

Tomorrow night on MKR: Engaged lovebirds Steven and Frena plan to showcase Frena’s heritage with their ambitious three-course menu.

Judges’ Scores Entrée Main Dessert
Nigella Lawson 7 9 9
Manu Feildel 7 9 9
Total    50/60
MKR Team Scores
Peter and Alice 8
Ashlee and Matt 8
Janelle and Monzir 7
Arrnott and Fuzz 7
Steven and Frena 7
Total Score 37/50

MKR continues 7.30pm Tuesday and Wednesday on Channel 7.