What Would You Do? April 21, 2024, ABC, Season Finale

What Would You Do?

The thought-provoking ABC series What Would You Do? concludes its season with an insightful and compelling finale, challenging viewers’ perceptions and exploring ethical dilemmas.

In this season finale, airing on Sunday April 21, the show presents a range of scenarios designed to spark conversation and self-reflection. From complex interpersonal relationships to social issues and personal boundaries, the finale looks into the heart of human behavior and the choices we make.

One scenario features a wife who approaches her husband with a request for an open marriage. This premise invites viewers to consider the boundaries of commitment and the potential consequences of such an arrangement.

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The episode also includes a story involving a teenager facing peer pressure. This relatable situation explores the challenges of adolescence and the influence of peers.

Additionally, the finale addresses the modern-day dilemma of public etiquette in the digital age. With the rise of video calls and online communication, the show presents scenarios where patrons engage in loud video calls in public spaces, disrupting the peace of those around them.

In another powerful scenario, a bakery refuses to serve a same-sex couple, addressing the ongoing issue of discrimination and the struggle for equality.

Rounding out the finale is a scenario that tackles the controversial topic of parental discipline. Viewers will witness a mother harshly disciplining her child, prompting a discussion about the line between discipline and abuse, and the potential impact on the child’s well-being.

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As with each episode of What Would You Do?, the season finale will feature hidden cameras capturing the reactions and responses of unsuspecting bystanders as they encounter these scenarios. The show’s unique format provides a window into human nature, revealing the varying degrees of intervention and indifference that occur in everyday life.

The season finale of What Would You Do? promises to be a thought-provoking and emotional conclusion to the season, challenging viewers to reflect on their own values and the complexities of human behavior.

What Would You Do? airs on ABC at 10:01 p.m. on Sunday, April 21, 2024.

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