Wheel of Fortune Recap: Island Hopping, Friday, April 26, 2024

Wheel of Fortune

In the “Island Hopping” Friday April 26 episode of Wheel of Fortune, three contestants spun the wheel and solved puzzles in their quest for cash and prizes.

Deloris Barnes, an anesthesiologist from La Quinta, California, enjoyed reading and golfing when she wasn’t saving lives in the operating room. Josh Rose, a University of Florida student from Plantation, Florida, aspired to become a talent agent, and doubled up on his majors with political science and economics. Rounding out the trio was bank manager Kathy Honold from Cincinnati, Ohio, who was ready to take on the wheel and make some big money moves.

The episode kicked off with the Thing category, and Deloris wasted no time in getting her hands on some cash and prizes. She skillfully navigated through the puzzle, “_ _ A C _ O R / W _ E _ L _,” eventually revealing it to be “TRACTOR WHEELS.” Not particularly interested in tractor wheels, Deloris moved on to the Food and Drink category, quickly solving “_ N I M A _ / _ _ _ C K _ R S” as “ANIMAL CRACKERS.”

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The episode progressed with a variety of puzzle categories, including The ’70s, Phrase, and Showbiz. Deloris showcased her letter-guessing prowess, strategically choosing consonants and vowels to build her bankroll. She hit the jackpot round with a well-timed ‘S’ pick, racking up substantial cash. Her impressive performance continued as she solved the phrase “WE’LL NEED TO FIND A HOUSE SITTER,” earning herself a trip to the Rincon Beach Resort.

Josh and Kathy also had their shining moments, with Josh solving “THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN” and Kathy nailing “STUNT DOUBLE,” earning them both a spot on the leaderboard. However, Deloris remained a force to be reckoned with, and in the final spin, she solved “MATT DAMON” to win an impressive total of $24,650 in cash and a vacation package.

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The bonus round was a “Bride’s Puzzle” featuring the phrase: “DON’T THINK TWICE.” Deloris’s quick wit and strategic letter choices secured her a $30,000 grand prize, making her the big winner of the night.

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