When Sex on TV Goes Horribly Wrong, 7 April 2024, Channel 5

Channel 5

In this light-hearted yet revealing episode of When Sex on TV Goes Horribly Wrong, viewers will be treated to a compilation of awkward, shocking, and hilarious moments of sex on television. The show, airing on Channel 5, Sunday, 7 April, promises to deliver two hours of “non-stop action”, narrated by Maria McErlane.

There is a smorgasboard of cringe-worthy moments, including a couple on Married at First Sight who used an intimate marital aid at the dinner table, causing a buzz among viewers. New bride Rozz Darlington, featured in the episode, shares her experience and the unexpected reaction she received.

The show also takes a look at the daytime TV favourite Come Dine with Me, where a grandmother in her sixties and a young hairdresser find themselves in an intimate situation, leaving the other contestants shocked. Plus, veteran actor Keith Barron suffers an embarrassing moment of cramp during a love scene.

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The programme highlights the fine line between titillation and taboo, showcasing moments that have pushed the boundaries of what viewers are comfortable with. This includes the controversial mile-high antics aboard a private jet in the drama Footballers’ Wives, which received backlash from audiences.

The show also features an Italian version of This Morning, which aired a segment instructing females on how to shop “sexily.” The controversial segment sparked uproar and resulted in the programme being taken off the air.

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When Sex on TV Goes Horribly Wrong offers a unique perspective on the portrayal of sex on television, providing a mix of humour, shock, and insight into societal norms and expectations.

When Sex on TV Goes Horribly Wrong airs on Channel 5 at 10:00 pm on Sunday, 7 April 2024.

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