Wild, Smart and Deadly: Darkness (Nat Geo Wild UK, 19 June 2024)

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The documentary series Wild, Smart and Deadly returns with a new episode, Darkness, airing on National Geographic Wild on Wednesday, 19 June.

This installment explores the critical role of information in the battle between predators and prey. The episode reveals how possessing knowledge about their surroundings and upcoming threats gives certain animals a significant advantage in their fight for survival.

With remarkable footage and insights, Darkness uncovers the secret superpowers that animals use to vanquish enemies, hunt prey, attract mates, and endure in their natural habitats. The episode highlights their extraordinary abilities and the tactics they employ to adapt and thrive in the wild.

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Wild, Smart and Deadly: Darkness airs on National Geographic Wild UK at 9:00 pm on Wednesday, 19 June 2024.

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