Will Trent: Do You See the Vision? (ABC, May 21, 2024)

Will Trent

The season 2 finale of Will Trent airs on ABC on May 21, 2024. In this episode, titled “Do You See the Vision?,” Will, Faith, and Angie find themselves entangled in a series of cases linked by a similar marker at the crime scenes, which involve the murders of several sex offenders. Meanwhile, Angie receives an unexpected proposition from Amanda.

In the lead-up to the finale, the series has explored the fallout from Angie’s decision to take the fall for teenager Crystal, who killed Angie’s former abuser, Lenny Broussard, in self-defense. This act has had unintended consequences, with Crystal now abandoned by her mother and in GBI custody. The finale will explore the impact of these events on Angie, setting the stage for a powerful conclusion to the season’s narrative arc.

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Additionally, the season has seen the return of Angie’s partner, Detective Polaski, who has been eager to resume work following a brutal encounter with serial killer James Ulster. Polaski’s sobriety and sense of purpose have been tested, leading her to throw herself into her role as a sponsor.

Meanwhile Michael Ormewood, has confronted his wife’s infidelity, resulting in a role reversal in their relationship and prompting him to take on a more significant role in the lives of his children.

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The season finale of Will Trent: Do You See the Vision? airs Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at 8:00 PM on ABC.

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