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ITV renew Safe House – do you think that’s awfully wise Sir?



ITV renew Safe House - do you think that's awfully wise Sir?

The Christopher Eccleston and Paterson Joseph starring drama focused on an ex-cop (Eccleston) who had moved to a remote cottage in the country with his wife (Marsha Thomason) with former police colleague Paterson Joseph persuading him to use his cottage as a safe house for a family whose life is in danger from a vicious killer.

The first episode opened promisingly enough – the family coming under threat but not at all happy about having to up sticks and Eccleston having a recent trauma to contend with (he had left the force after the woman he was guarding prior to a trial in which she was to give key evidence was shot and killed). But by episode three things disintegrated somewhat with flashbacks pushing out the drama and the plot going nowhere. Anybody who did stick with the story to the bitter end would have witnessed one of the worst endings to any crime drama seen in recent times.

This felt like either a six part drama that had been cut (with all the interesting bits taken out) or a three part drama that had been padded out (certainly if one removed all the moody scenes of Eccleston’s lake swimming it would have quite easily run to three episodes.

One can only assume that ITV have made the decision based on reasonable ratings (many viewers would have been drawn in by the star cast and stayed with it just to see how they wrapped things up). With nowhere for this series to now go surely the wisest thing here would have been to left this four part drama as a one and done – after all not everything needs to be a continuing series.


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