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The Long Good Friday Bob Hoskins

For his role as a prostitute’s minder in Mona Lisa, Bob Hoskins won a BAFTA, the best actor award at Cannes and an Oscar nomination. Not bad for a man who fell into acting aged 25 when allegedly persuaded to read for a play by a friend in a pub.

Born into a solid working class family, Hoskins left school at 15 before embarking on a highly itinerant career: his biographies list a Covent garden porter, fire-eater, steeplejack and banana picker before the theatre gig. Hoskins’ trademark was a fierce commitment to his roles, the best example being the roles that brought him to fame – Arthur the sexually frustrated sheet music salesman in Dennis Potter’s Pennies From Heaven and the volcanic gangster in The Long Good Friday. The role that broke him in the States was his loveable P.I. in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Born: 26 Oct 1942 In Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England, UK
Died: 29 April 2014


  1. The Essential Dennis Potter
  2. Classic Scene: The last ride of Harold Shand in The Long Good Friday
  3. Dunera Boys, The (Channel 10 1985 with Bob Hoskins and Warren Mitchell)
  4. Villains (ITV 1972, Bob Hoskins, Martin Shaw)
  5. New Scotland Yard (ITV 1972-1974, John Woodvine, John Carlisle)
  6. Of Mycenae And Men (BBC-2 1979 with Diana Dors and Freddie Jones)
  7. Bankrupt, The (Play For Today BBC-2 1972 with Joss Ackland and Sheila Allen)
  8. Play For Today: Schmoedipus (BBC-1 1974, Anna Cropper, Tim Curry)
  9. Flickers (ITV 1980, Bob Hoskins, Frances De La Tour)
  10. Crown Court (ITV 1972-1984)
  11. Play For Today: The Bankrupt (BBC-2 1972 with Joss Ackland and Sheila Allen)
  12. Villains: George (ITV 22 July 1972, David Daker)
  13. The Main Chance: Acting For Self (ITV 21 June 1972)
  14. New Scotland Yard: Weight of Evidence (ITV 14 Jul 1973, Bob Hoskins)
  15. Villains: Move In, Move On (ITV 9 Sep 1972, William Marlowe)
  16. Villains: Knocker (ITV 16 Sep 1972, with Bob Hoskins)
  17. Thick As Thieves (ITV 1974, Bob Hoskins, John Thaw)
  18. Van der Valk: Dead on Arrival (24 Oct 1977, with Bob Hoskins)
  19. Long Good Friday, The (1980, Bob Hoskins, Helen Mirren)
  20. Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne, The (Handmade 1987, Maggie Smith, Bob Hoskins)
  21. Last Orders (2001, Michael Caine, Tom Courtenay)
  22. Sweet Liberty (Universal 1986, Alan Alda, Michelle Pfeiffer)
  23. Mona Lisa (1986, Michael Caine, Bob Hoskins)
  24. Honorary Consul, The (Paramount 1983, Richard Gere, Michael Caine)
  25. Michael (1996, John Travolta, Andie MacDowell)
  26. Made in Dagenham (2010, Sally Hawkins, Bob Hoskins)
  27. Lost World, The (BBC-1 2001, Bob Hoskins, James Fox)
  28. Softly, Softly: Signed Off (S9EP2 BBC One 19 Sep 1973, with Bob Hoskins)
  29. Rock Follies (ITV Drama, Rula Lenska, Julie Covington)
  30. David Copperfield (BBC Drama, Ciarán McMenamin Daniel Radcliffe)
  31. This Man Craig: Patterson (S1EP2 BBC Two 14 Jan 1966, Bob Hoskins)
  32. This Man Craig: Live Like a Man (S1EP8 BBC Two 25 Feb 1966, Fulton Mackay)
  33. This Man Craig: Tall, Fat and Ugly (S1EP15 BBC Two 15 Apr 1966, Patricia Shakesby)
  34. This Man Craig: Whose Pigeon? (S1EP24 BBC Two 17 Jun 1966, Edith Macarthur)
  35. This Man Craig: You Can Choose Your Friends (S2EP20 BBC Two 7 Feb 1967, William Russell)