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Emilia Fox



Emilia Fox in Deliciious

Emilia Fox is an English actor best known for her long running role in forensic thriller series Silent Witness. From something of an acting dynasty, she is the daughter of Edward Fox and Joanna David. Her younger brother is Freddie Fox. Her uncles are James Fox and Robert Fox and her cousin is Laurence Fox.

Trivia fans may like to note that she appeared in Rebecca in 1997 playing the second Mrs De Winter. This was the same role her mother had played in a 1978 TV version.

Married to fellow actor Jared Harris from 2005-2010.

Born: Jul 31, 1974 In London, England, UK

TV Credits
1995: Pride and Prejudice as Georgina Darcy

1997: Rebecca as The Second Mrs de Winter
1997: Bright Hair as Ann Devenish
1997: The Temptations of Franz Schubert as Karoline von Esterhazy

1998: The Round Tower as Vanessa Ratcliffe
1998: Verdict: The Doctor’s Opinion as Charlie Moyes
1998: Blink as Nicki

1999: Shooting the Past as Spig
1999: The Scarlet Pimpernel as Minette Roland
1999: David Copperfield as Clara Copperfield
1999: Bad Blood as Jackie Shipton

2000: Other People’s Children Episode 3 as Dale
2000: The Wrong Side of the Rainbow
2000-2001: Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) as Jeannie

2002: Coupling: Unconditional Sex as Wilma Lettings
2002: Coupling: Faithless as Wilma Lettings

2003: Helen of Troy as Cassandra, Princess of Troy
2003: Henry VIII as Jane Seymour
2003: Wilde Stories: The Nightingale and the Rose as voice of Nightingale

2004: Gunpowder, Treason & Plot as Lady Margaret
2004-2020: Silent Witness as Dr. Nikki Alexander

2006: The Virgin Queen as Amy Dudley
2006: Agatha Christie’s Marple: The Moving Finger as Joanna Burton
2006: Born Equal as Laura

2007: Fallen Angel as Rosemary
2007: Bailet Shoes as Sylvia Brown

2008: The Game’s Up
2008: Consuming Passion as Kirstie

2009: The Queen as Margaret
2009-2011: Merlin as Morgause

2010: Bookaboo: The Spider and the Fly

2012: Upstairs Downstairs: A Perfect Specimen of Womanhood as Lady Portia Alresford
2012: Falcon as Ines Conde de Tejada

2013: The Wipers Times as Kate Roberts
2013: The Wrong Mans as Scarlett

2014: Grandpa in My Pocket: A Grandpa Made of Magic as Olga Orbit The Astronomer
2014: The Secrets: The Lie as Zara
2014: Crackanory: The Untangler & Murder He Wrote

2015: The Casual Vacancy as Julia Sweetlove

2016: The Tunnel Season 2 as Vanessa Hamilton
2016-2019: Delicious as Sam Vincent
2016-2018: Home from Home as Penny Dillon

2017: The Missing Crown Jewels

2018: The Snow Wolf: A Winter’s Tale as Narrator
2018: Strangers as Sally Porter
2018: Inside No. 9: Once Removed as Natasha

2019-2020: The Trial of Christine Keeler as Valerie Profumo