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Gorden Kaye



Gorden Kaye, born in Moldgreen, Huddersfield (Yorkshire) attended Huddersfield Technical College in the early 1960’s and made his TV debut as Elsie Tanner’s nephew in Coronation Street in 1968. He went on to minor roles in many other shows and a part in the 1977 Python-filled film Jabberwocky (as Sister Jessica) before joining Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft on two short series, Oh, Happy Band and Come Back, Mrs. Noah, and finally teaming with them and star status through ‘Allo ‘Allo. His popularity and work schedule didn’t interfere with later film appearances as they continued, including appearing in Terry Gilliam’s film Brazil.

Kaye made the news in January 1990 when a windstorm-related injury nearly led to his death. While in his car during a fierce windstorm, a wooden object broke through his windshield and stabbed into his head, nearly killing him instantly. After a six-hour brain operation, he went into a long but eventually successful recovery, while the tabloid press tried to sneak in and get shots of him unconscious on his bed.

Born: 7 Apr 1941 In Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England, UK
Died: 23 January 2017


  1. Bank Holiday (Scene – BBC-2 1972 with Tony Taylor, Bill Dean)
  2. Allo Allo (BBC Sitcom, Gorden Kaye, Vicki Michelle)
  3. Classic TV Revisited: Allo Allo
  4. Villains: Sand Dancer (ITV 26 Aug 1972, with Alun Armstrong)
  5. Come Back Mrs Noah (BBC-1 1978, Mollie Sugden, Ian Lavender)
  6. Gordon Peters Show, The (BBC-1 1973, Gordon Peters, Barbara Mitchell)
  7. Born And Bred (ITV 1978-1980, James Grout, Max Wall)
  8. Follyfoot: The Dream (S3EP5 ITV Sat 21 Jul 1973, with Gorden Kaye)
  9. Just Liz (ITV Sitcom, Sandra Payne, Rodney Bewes)
  10. Codename Icarus (BBC Scifi, Barry Angel, Jack Galloway)