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Kate O’Mara



British leading lady Kate O’Mara had a varied career that encompassed Stage, Film and TV. Despite being classified as something of a Hammer Glamour girl she only appeared in two Hammer movies – The Horror of Frankenstein and The Vampire Lovers (both 1970). She scored her best roles though on TV with strong roles in series such as The Main Chance, The Brothers and Howards’ Way. Along the way she notched up guest appearances in lots of genre classics and became something of a Doctor Who icon as The Rain in a couple of 1980’s stories. O’Mara never made inroads into the US but did played Joan Collinsw sister in a season of Dynasty.

Kate’s birth name was Frances Meredith Carroll (her first screen credit saw her billed as Merrie Carroll) on 10 August 1939 in Leicester. She died 30 March 2014 at the age of 74. Her sister is fellow actress Belinda Carroll.


1956 Home and Away as Annie Knowles
1957: Emergency-Ward 10 as Nurse
1964: No Hiding Place: Hanging by a Thread as Doris Winslow
1965: Hereward the Wake: The Court of Love as Richilda
1965: Gaslight Theatre: The Drunkard or, the Sins of the Parents Shall Be Visited… as Patience / Romp Cartwright
1965: It’s Not Me: It’s Them! Episode 5
1965: Danger Man: A Room in the Basement as Annette
1966: Weavers Green (Series) as ‘Mick’ Armstrong
1966: Court Martial: The Logistics of Survival as Monique Laval
1966: No Hiding Place: The Fit-Up as Carole
1967: The Saint: The Counterfeit Countess as Nadine / Yvette
1967: The Saint: The Fast Women as Teresa Montesino
1967: Z Cars: All They Have to Do Is Spend It (2 episodes) as Kate
1967: Mogul: Mr. Know-How as Kim Hart
1967: Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond (TV Movie) as Moneypenny’s assistant (uncredited)
1967: Adam Adamant Lives!: The Basardi Affair as Sonia Fawzi
1968: The Saint: The Double Take as Annabel II
1968: The Champions: To Trap a Rat as Jane Purcell
1969: Department S: Who Plays the Dummy? as Pietra
1969: The Main Chance (Series) as Julia Main
1969: Z Cars: Foggy Night (2 episodes) as Mae Astell
1969: The Avengers: Stay Tuned as Lisa
1970: The Adventures of Don Quick: People Isn’t Everything as Peleen
1970: Paul Temple: Re-take as Luciana Benedetti
1970: Codename: Opening Gambit as Helen Lingard
1970: Never a Cross Word: When Is a Spy…? as Ellie
1972: The Pathfinders: Fog as Section Officer Anne Denby
1972: Clouds of Witness (Serial) as Cynthia Tarrant
1972: Jason King: A Kiss for a Beautiful Killer as Delphi
1972: The Persuaders!: Read and Destroy as Heidi Schulman
1972: ITV Sunday Night Theatre: A Man About a Dog as Storm Riordan
1973 Men of Affairs: To Russia With… as Tania Lenz
1973: Spy Trap (Series 3 episodes) as Sharon Lunghi (appeared in The Italian Link, Sale of Work, Sullivan)
1973: The Dick Emery Show Season 12 Episode 9
1974: The Protectors: A Pocketful of Posies as Sara Trent
1975-1976 The Brothers (Series) as Jane Maxwell
1976: Machinegunner (TV Movie) as Pat Livingston
1977: The Two Ronnies (Series) as Lucy Lee
1977: Whodunnit?: No Happy Returns as Lady Gertrude Potter
1978: The Nativity (Play) as Salome
1978: Return of the Saint: Assault Force as Jeanette
1979: The Plank (Short) as ‘It’s Paint’ Woman
1981-1982: Triangle (Series) as Katherine Laker
1986: Dempsey and Makepeace: Guardian Angel as Joyce Hargreaves
1986: Dynasty (Series) as Cassandra ‘Caress’ Morrell
1985-1987 Doctor Who (Series) as The Rani
1989-1990: Howards’ Way (Series) as Laura Wilde
1990: Cluedo: Christmas Past, Christmas Present as Mrs. Peacock
1993: Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time (Short) as The Rani
1995: Absolutely Fabulous: Happy New Year as Jackie Stone
1997: The New Adventures of Robin Hood: Marion to the Rescue as Lady Isabelle
2001: Bad Girls (Series) as Virginia O’Kane
2003: Absolutely Fabulous: Cold Turkey as Jackie Stone
2003: Crossroads (Series) as Lady Alice Fox (2003)
2005: Family Affairs (Series) as Jackie Lawrence
2008: Doctors: Fears, Feats & the Frooms as Rosetta Froom
2012: Benidorm Season 5 Episode 7 as Mrs Simmonds


1962: Night Creatures as Girl at Inn (uncredited)
1968: Promenade (Short) as Laura
1968: The Limbo Line as Irina Tovskia
1968: Great Catherine as Varinka
1968: Corruption as Val Nolan
1969: The Desperados as Adah
1970: The Horror of Frankenstein as Alys
1970: The Vampire Lovers as The Governess Mme. Perrodot
1974: The Tamarind Seed as Anna Skriabina
1976: Whose Child Am I? as Barbara Martin
1978: An Unknown Friend as Karen Lindén / ‘Judith Russell’ / ‘Berit Lindström’
1992: I Aladdin (Video) as Madam Roly Poly (voice)
1992: I Beauty and the Beast (Video) as Lucinda (voice)
1999: The Road to Ithaca as Despina