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Keith Barron



Keith Barron in A Case of Coincidence

Popular and likable English actor Keith Barron was as happy in comedy as he was drama. Active from the early 1960’s he made his first big impression in Dennis Potter’s Nigel Barton plays.

Lead roles in series included Further Adventures of Lucky Jim, Duty Free, Haggard, Telford’s Change and Take Me Home. There were guest appearances in many popular series including the likes of Upstairs Downstairs, The Edwardians, Thriller, Minder, Tales of the Unexpected, Doctor Who and many others.

Born: 8 Aug 1934 In Mexborough, South Yorkshire, England, UK
Died: 15 November 2017


  1. Stephen Tompkinson on DCI Alan Banks and why he loves to interrogate
  2. The Essential Dennis Potter
  3. Spywatch (BBC-2 1996 with Keith Barron and Josephine D’Arby)
  4. DCI Banks: What Will Survive Series Return ITV 4 March 2015
  5. Odd Man, The (ITV 1962-1963, Edwin Richfield, Moultrie Kelsall)
  6. Happy Ever After: The Woman at the Door (ITV 1969, Jennifer Hilary, Keith Barron)
  7. This Could Be The Last Time (BBC-2 1998, Joan Plowright, Penelope Wilton)
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  9. NCS: Manhunt (BBC-1 2001-2002, David Suchet, Samantha Bond)
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  13. Chase, The (BBC-1 2006-2007, Gaynor Faye, Nicola Stephenson)
  14. Take Me (ITV 2001, Robson Green, Beth Goddard)
  15. Classic TV Revisited: To The Manor Born
  16. Where the Heart Is (ITV 1997-2006, Sarah Lancashire, Pam Ferris)
  17. Pickles: The Dog That Won The World Cup (ITV 2006, Paul Kaye, Camille Coduri)
  18. Further Adventures Of Lucky Jim, The (BBC-1 1967, Keith Barron, Colin Jeavons)
  19. Haggard (ITV 1990-1992, Keith Barron, Reece Dinsdale)
  20. Holding The Fort (ITV 1980-1982, Peter Davison, Patricia Hodge)
  21. Johnny and the Bomb (BBC-1 2006, George Mackay, Frank Finlay)
  22. Room At The Bottom (ITV 1986-1988, James Bolam, Keith Barron)
  23. The Professionals: Private Madness Public Danger (ITV 30 Dec 1977)
  24. Telford’s Change (BBC-1 1979, Peter Barkworth, Hannah Gordon)
  25. Plain Jane (ITV-1 2002, Kevin Whately, Lesley Manville)
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  28. England Expects (BBC-1 2004, Steven Mackintosh, Susan Vidler)
  29. At the Earth’s Core (AIP 1976, Doug McClure, Peter Cushing)
  30. Nothing but the Night (1972, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)
  31. Devil’s Eggshell, The (BBC-1 1966, Keith Barron, Leonard Rossiter)
  32. 1996 (BBC 1989, Keith Barron, Alun Armstrong)
  33. Only Make Believe (BBC-1 1973, Keith Barron, Georgina Hale)
  34. Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased): When did You Start to Stop Seeing Things? (S1EP10 ITV Sun 23 Nov 1969, with Keith Barron)
  35. Quiller: Assault on the Ritz (S1EP5 BBC-1 Fri 3 Oct 1975, with Keith Barron)
  36. The New Avengers: Target! (S1EP6 ITV Fri 26 Nov 1976, with Malcolm Stoddard)
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  41. Love Story: Man for a House (S8EP1 ITV Wed 26 Mar 1969, Elaine Taylor, Keith Barron)
  42. Firechasers, The (ITV 1977, Keith Barron, Chad Everett)
  43. Kipling (BBC Drama, Joss Ackland, Kenneth Fortescue)
  44. Late Expectations (BBC Sitcom, Keith Barron)
  45. My Good Woman (ITV Sitcom, Leslie Crowther, Sylvia Syms)
  46. No Strings (BBC Sitcom, Rita Tushingham, Keith Barron)
  47. About Face (ITV Comedy, Maureen Lipman)
  48. Redcap (ITV Drama, John Thaw)
  49. Armchair Theatre: Red Riding Hood (ITV Drama, Rita Tushingham)
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  57. Madame Bovary (BBC Drama, Frances O’Connor)