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ABC Australia: Fortitude Episode 9 Sunday 12 April 2015



Airdate: ABC-1 Sunday 12 April 2015 at 9.40pm

Prepare for more than one hair standing up on the back of the neck moment as this series starts to build towards a climax that will have your head spinning.

Odegard and Dan agree that the attacks on Stoddart and Doc are very similar, but don’t want to cause panic.
Stoddart left a bear to be dissected, and PFAs – which may be responsible for aberrant behaviour in bears – and possibly humans, are found. It’s decided to test Doc.

Liam is released from the research centre, and is visited by Henry who is about to leave town. He gives the tupilaq to Liam who’s immediately taken with the grotesque doll. Henry and Dan then share an emotional goodbye.

Meanwhile PFAs are found in Doc’s body, so now Liam must be tested.

Certain that Markus is responsible for the attacks on Stoddart and Doc, Frank leaves him tied up for hours and threatens him with torture. But Jules manages to stop him.

As Dan worries that Morton is starting to tie him to Pettigrew’s death, Morton is following the evidence trail and realises that Henry is the key to the mystery behind the murder. But Henry is nowhere to be found. After breaking into his house, Morton finds the photograph of Pettigrew’s arm hanging by handcuffs from a metal structure on the beach, suggesting a horrifying death.

Odegard is miserable – her marriage is over and the ice hotel is no more. Dan reminds her she’s the one everybody in Fortitude really trusts.
Dan visits Elena (who’s looking after Carrie at the Morgan house) to say they think Ronnie is dead. But as it turns out, Dan is wrong…

Stanley Tucci as DCI Morton
Sofie Grabol as Odegard
Michael Gambon as Henry
Richard Dormer as Dan
Darren Boyd as Markus
Nicholas Pinnock as Frank
Jessica Raine as Jules