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Amazing Animal Births Premieres 26 Jun on ITVAmazing Animal Births Premieres 26 Jun on ITV


Amazing Animal Births Premieres 26 Jun on ITV



In new six-part series Amazing Animal Births, zoologist and filmmaker Lucy Cooke witnesses the miracle of life as she sees first-hand the incredible bond between a mother and her offspring – that extraordinary moment when a little baby comes into a huge world.

Naïve, tiny, fragile and fumbling their way into the world for the first time, nothing tugs at the heartstrings like an innocent, newly-born animal. From kittens, pups and chicks, to baby hippos, giraffes, duck-billed platypuses and more, this programme celebrates the wonderful world of animal births, taking a step closer to nature at its most innocent, beautiful and precious best.

Viewers will get a unique chance to witness the most amazing animal births, filmed in zoos and animal sanctuaries across the country, in the wild and even in people’s homes. In this episode, Lucy Cooke assists a farmer with a tricky calf delivery, and gets stuck in helping baby alligators make their way into the world.

Amazing Animal Births airs on Monday 26 June 2017 at 8.00pm on ITV.


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