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Anne Frank with Hannah Taylor-Gordon Premieres Channel 4 20 April 2003



AIRDATE: Sunday 20 April 2003

Episode 1 of 2

One of history’s most beloved and inspiring figures comes to life in the television event, Anne Frank . Based on journalist Melissa Mullers’ critically acclaimed biography, this four-hour miniseries traces Anne’s (Hannah Taylor-Gordon) extraordinary life. With an outstanding cast that includes Ben Kingsley, Brenda Blethyn and Lili Taylor, this deeply moving chronicle will acquaint a new generation with a remarkable girl whose life has become a powerful memorial for over one million children who died in the Holocaust.

The miniseries encompasses Anne’s idyllic childhood before the war, her adolescence in German-occupied Amsterdam and her last months in captivity. It also delves into the challenges and risks Miep Gies (Lili Taylor) and her colleagues faced by harbouring eight Jews for over two years within a bustling office building. And, for the first time in a television drama, the identity of the Franks’ betrayers is revealed, as well as how the treachery itself unfolded.

After the Gestapo raided the annexe, the Franks travelled to numerous concentration camps, where the family and friends were separated. In the months that followed, all of them died in the camps except for Otto Frank, who returned to Amsterdam after the war ended. At that time Miep presented Otto with Anne’s diary, which she had retrieved in hopes of returning it to Anne.

Director: Robert Dornhelm
Production Company: Disney International Television