Armchair Detectives Final Week, Mon-Fri on BBC One

Armchair Detectives

Episodes 16-20, airing Monday – Friday at 2.15pm, bring us to the final week of the whodunnit series, have the Armchair Detectives picked up enough knowledge to solve the murders of a Chinese restaurant owner, a 15 year-old Cold Case, a priest, theatre director and the owner of Mortcliff Training Company at the office Christmas party?

There’s been a murder. And we need viewers to solve it.

Susan Calman hosts, as three amateur sleuths head to the fictional town of Mortcliff to solve a deadly crime, from the comfort of the Armchairs in the studio.

They’ll watch the drama play out as Mortcliff’s crack team of detectives DI Knight, DC Slater, and Scenes-Of-Crime Officer Simmons make inquiries with the local residents. But in a show where everyone has a motive it might prove harder to catch the culprit than you think.

Across each episode the Armchair Detectives will be introduced to suspects and uncover vital clues. They’ll share their thoughts and theories as the story unfolds before making their final accusation in a bid to win the golden magnifying glass trophy.

It’s time to answer the only question that matters: whodunnit?

Armchair Detectives Episodes 16-20 air Monday 11 December to Friday 15 December 2017 from 2.15pm-3.00pm on BBC One.

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