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An Art Lovers’ Guide: St Petersburg (BBC-4 18 May 2017)



An Art Lovers' Guide St Petersburg

In the final episode of An Art Lovers’ Guide, Janina Ramirez and Alastair Sooke explore St Petersburg through its dazzling art and architecture.

They want to see how art has been used to enhance prestige and power in this city, ever since it was founded by Tsar Peter the Great. Surrounded by vast palaces, gilded domes and imposing Soviet monuments, Janina and Alastair make a flying visit to their personal selection of Imperial, Communist and modern-day sights.

They discover a city where art has always taken centre stage: from the intoxicating beauty of the state rooms at the Winter Palace to the bejewelled confections of Fabergé; from the dark tunnels where curators guarded precious artefacts during the deadly siege of the city in the Second World War, to the apartment piled high with protest art painted by the outspoken ‘dissident babushka’.

Pictured is Alastair Sooke at the Monument, with obelisk commemorating the dates of Russia’s involvement in the Second World War.

An Art Lovers’ Guide: St Petersburg Episode 3 (of 3) airs on Monday 15 May and Thursday 18 May from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC Four.