Australian Wilderness with Ray Mears Episode 5 airs Fri 17 Nov

Australian Wilderness with Ray Mears Episode 5

Adventurer Ray Mears continues his exploration of the magical landscapes of Australia. In this fifth episode, airing on Friday 17 Nov at 8.00pm, Ray heads to the rugged Dampier peninsula, located in the north of Western Australia.

If the rough and heavily indented coastline was straightened out, it would stretch halfway around the world. Ray heads to the peninsula at sunrise to see a unique phenomenon – the incredible high tides, the level of which vary by as much as 12 metres. Ray explores how these wild tides shape the lives of the animals and people that live in the area. He crosses the peninsula from east to west, and the rushing waters, hidden reefs and whirlpools make him wonder how the early explorers were able to survive here.

Ray learns that the churning water creates feeding opportunities for marine life. Ray meets marine biologist James Brown, and the pair travel to an island of shells. On the island, Ray finds one of the world’s biggest oysters, which measures one foot in diameter!

Their time on the island soon runs out as the tide begins to roar in. Ray goes for a drive round the tip of the peninsula with Brian Lee, who is one of the local Bardi people. Brian shows Ray how the Bardi use the tides to survive and points out ancient fossilized footprints, which date back 20,000 years. His journey ends further round the coastline where he watches the sun set in the west.

Australian Wilderness with Ray Mears Episode 5 (of 7) airs on Friday 17 November 2017 from 8.00pm-8.30pm on ITV.

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