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The Autistic Gardener Premieres Sat 17 Jun at 7.00pm



Autistic gardener Alan Gardner is back. This time, Alan is launching himself into suburbia with ingenious designs and taking tired, overgrown gardens from wasteland to wonderland using his unique brand of horticultural know-how. Alan also travels to the USA – to New York, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas – in search of horticultural inventiveness. He also finds inspiration for his designs in wind turbines, jet engines and even old-school geometry.

The first episode comes from Lancashire, where Pinky and Joe urgently need help with their oddly shaped, triangular plot. Alan has £10,000 to bring the beautiful Lancashire countryside into their desolate plot. He also visits an urban oasis in New York.

Executive Producer: Ian Carré
Producers and Directors: Kieran Carruthers; Matt Margrett
Production Company: Betty

The Autistic Gardener Episode 1 (of 3) airs on Saturday 17 June 2017 from 7.00pm-8.00pm on Channel 4.



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