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Babushka with Rylan Clark-Neal Premieres Mon 1 May on ITV



Babushka ITV 2017 Rylan Clark-Neal

Former X Factor star, This Morning showbiz reporter and Big Brother presenter Rylan Clark-Neal presents brand new game show Babushka (airing weeknights at 5.00pm from 1 May) for ITV, which tempts contestants to push their luck to the absolute limit as they strategically open a set of giant Babushka dolls in the hope of taking home their winnings.

Presented with the oversized Russian knick-knacks, players must use their cunning to select a doll to open up in the hope they contain a prize. But it is not simply down to blind luck as contestants must first put their general knowledge to the test by answering a question correctly if they want the right to open up a Babushka. Some of the dolls are completely empty but others hide smaller dolls worth up to a whopping 10,000 pounds.

The more dolls they reveal, the more money they stand to win, but if they open a dreaded empty doll, they will lose everything. It is a major gamble and will take a shrewd player with exceptional general knowledge and lashings of courage to come out on top. Can they choose the right dolls at the right time and walk away with thousands of pounds?

Babushka Premieres Monday 1 May at 5.00pm on ITV and airs Monday – Friday.



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