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Further Back In Time For Dinner: The 1900s Series premiere 24 Jan on BBC-2Further Back In Time For Dinner: The 1900s Series premiere 24 Jan on BBC-2


Further Back In Time For Dinner: The 1900s Series premiere 24 Jan on BBC-2



A new series of Back In Time For Dinner with a Further added so we know it’s a new series begins on Tuesday 24 January at 9.00pm on BBC Two.

In the first episode of five the Robshaw family travel back in time again – this time to the turn of the 20th century, where they discover how the transformation in what people ate helped create the modern family.

An ordinary house in South London will be their time machine, transporting them through five decades and two world wars. Guided by presenters Giles Coren and social historian Polly Russell they’ll trace the incredible changes to Britain’s diet and the extraordinary social transformation they reveal.

As they enter the 1900s they discover an unrecognisable world of strict etiquette, corsets and conformity. But the biggest surprise is a new addition to the household: Debbie Raw, a part-time chef in the 21st century, is going back in time to be the family’s maid of all work, responsible for all the cooking and cleaning.

At the perfectly laid dining table, the Robshaws discover a decade of excess, ending up feeling as stuffed as the décor of their 1900s house. Their first meal is a mere five courses with a meaty pudding – but that’s a simple amuse bouche to what follows. Servant Debbie must produce an eight-course dinner party in a Victorian kitchen with not so much as a hand blender to help her, while the Robshaw ladies struggle with the formality of hosting formal afternoon tea and the family try out the Edwardian answer to a fondue set – brains and scrambled eggs anyone?

Along the way there’s haute cuisine with Monica Galetti, a meaty Olympic breakfast and a Music Hall tea and singalong with surprise guests Chas and Dave.

Further Back In Time For Dinner: The 1900s Episode 1 (of 5) airs on Tuesday 24 January 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC Two.


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