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Further Back In Time For Dinner: The 1930s (BBC-2 14 Feb 2017)



Further Back In Time For Dinner 1930s

In the penultimate episode of Further Back In Time For Dinner, airing on Tuesday 14 February at 8.00pm on BBC Two, sees the family heading back to the 1930s.

The family discover a very surprising decade of progress and optimism too. Gone is all the starch formality of previous decades, Their larder is now stuffed with familiar brands and snacks, and deliciously healthy dinners too, even if they are made in a pressure cooker that looks more like an unexploded bomb than a bit of kitchen equipment.

Along the way Brandon and Rochelle take a trip out for dinner and a dance in their very first family car, there’s popcorn to go with their own home cinema, but the family’s old servant Debbie finds out that the 1930s bring hard times for working women like her.

As the Robshaws taste the food, wine and hope of a very progressive era, the threats on the horizon come closer with a visit to London’s East End to commemorate the battle of Cable St and all the traditional favourites of a Jewish dinner with Giles. But as 1939 comes around their hopes for the future are dashed as their final party is interrupted by an historic radio announcement.

Further Back In Time For Dinner: The 1930s Episode 4 (of 5) airs on Tuesday 14 February 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on BBC Two.