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Bad Move Series Finale airs Wed 25 Oct on ITV



Bad Move Series Finale

There has been much to enjoy in Jack Dee’s sitcom Bad Move, mostly in the dynamic between Jack and Kerry Godliman who plays his wife Nicky. Unfortunately there has been much that hasn’t been enjoyable too, not least the one-note playing of all the supporting characters (with the exception of Nicky’s father Ken played by the excellent Philip Jackson). If Bad Move does go to a second season then Dee and co-writer Pete Sinclair should seriously consider getting rid of the neighbours Matt and Meena and the whole dodgy shop scenario which seems to have strayed in from a Cannon and Ball sketch from the early eighties.

In the final episode of the series, it is time for Nicky (Godliman) and Steve (Dee) to hold a long overdue housewarming party. They decide to put on a brave face and invite all their old friends from Leeds. Their perfectionist neighbours Matt (Miles Jupp) and Meena (Manjinder Virk) enthusiastically join in with the preparations, and even Nicky’s dad Ken (Philip Jackson) decides he will be attending – although he makes it clear he thinks they would be better spending their money on house renovations.

As it becomes clear that many of Nicky and Steve’s friends from Leeds will not be turning up, news of the party spreads around the village. It is not long before an entirely different guest list threatens to turn up, including the dreaded Bronson (George Somner). However, it is the arrival of local rock star Grizzo (Seann Walsh) that causes the most excitement.