The Big Family Cooking Showdown Episode 3 (BBC-2 31 Aug 2017)

The Big Family Cooking Showdown Episode 3

It’s heat three of the competition, with two more families facing each other for a place in the semi-finals. This week the Pigotts from Oxfordshire go head to head with the Hilliards (pictured above) from Essex.

Will the Pigott brothers and their bold, globally inspired flavours impress the judges, or will the classic home cooking of the Hilliard sisters and their mum be what Rosemary and Giorgio are looking for?

Brothers Matt (28), Ed (25) and Sam (22) Pigott grew up in Banbury in Oxfordshire. They now live in different cities but enjoy getting together at the weekend to spend the day shopping for unusual ingredients and coming up with elaborate evening meals.The boys are a triple threat; according to Matt, he’s “the intelligence, Ed is the looks and Sam is the wit”. They have a photo-sharing group,where they regularly send each other pictures of their food.

In the Hilliard family, mum Jeanne (61) would describe herself as a traditional cook – her BBQs in the summer have been well known among their family and friends for many years.

Katie (34), who lives with her husband in Sussex, was diagnosed with cancer aged 23 and became a vegan during her illness after researching foods that could possibly help with her condition. She experimented a lot with recipes, which is where her real passion of cooking stemmed from. Younger sister Charlotte (29), based in Croydon, has a keen eye for presentation and a love for cooking different types of cuisines such Caribbean and Asian

Teamwork is the key to success in the kitchen, but will both families work together and keep their cool in the Cooking Showdown?

The Big Family Cooking Showdown Episode 3 (of 12) airs on Thursday 31 August 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on BBC Two.

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