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Big House, Little House Big House, Little House


Big House, Little House: Bedfordshire Episode 2 (Channel 4 6 May 2017)



In the second episode of new series Big House, Little House, Interior designer Aidan Keane helps two couples, with two very different budgets, create amazing new spaces in their homes.

Here he’s tackling two contrasting projects as they look to convert their loft spaces. School attendance officer Tracey, in the Big House in Bedfordshire, has 40k to turn her empty loft into a bedroom with study and en-suite for teenage daughter Amy.

Builder Steve and partner Lindsay in the Little House have 25k to transform their attic into a luxurious master bedroom with plenty of storage. In order to save on costs, Steve is doing a lot of the work himself. Using his years of experience, Aidan helps both couples spend wisely – but will they listen?

Series Producer: Jonny Wharton
Executive Producer: Andrew Jackson
Production Company: Raise the Roof

Big House, Little House: Bedfordshire Episode 2 airs on Saturday 6 May 2017 from 4.35pm-5.35pm on Channel 4.



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