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Big House, Little House Big House, Little House


Big House, Little House Series Premiere 29 Apr on Channel 4



In brand new property series Big House, Little House, interior designer Aidan Keane helps two couples – with two very different budgets – create amazing new spaces in their homes. Plus, by following his clever tips and tricks, Aidan reckons these renovators should be looking to add to the value of their homes by a lot more than they spend.

Today he’s helping two couples build their dream kitchen diners. In the Big House, Michelle and Barry in Somerset have £70k to achieve the kitchen to end all kitchens! This is part of a huge scale renovation of their 19th century mill house. In the Little House, Hannah and Jason have just £4k to spend on their kitchen diner project.

Luckily, they’re both keen to do the work themselves but will their budget stretch? Using his years of experience, Aidan helps both couples spend wisely – but will they listen? By following the two different projects all the way through to completion, we can see what design decisions add value and what doesn’t get them their investment back.

Series Producer: Jonny Wharton
Executive Producer: Andrew Jackson
Production Company: Raise the Roof

Big House, Little House Episode 1 airs on Saturday 29 April 2017 at 4.35pm-5.35pm on Channel 4.



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