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Billy Connolly & Me: A Celebration premieres 18 Apr on ITV



Billy Connolly And Me

For five decades now, Billy Connolly has been making people laugh about the very stuff of life. His career as an entertainer began in the folk-singing duo the Humblebums with his friend Gerry Rafferty – Billy played banjo and soon discovered a talent for comedy between the songs.

He went solo in the early 70s and before long, the folk-singer with a comic persona had changed to a full-time comedian. He is beloved across the generations for his anarchic, life-affirming humour and the unique bond he has with his audience.

In this show, airing on Tuesday 18 April at 9.00pm, fans of all ages from all around the globe share extraordinary anecdotes about how Billy has inspired them and touched their lives. The man himself is also on hand in a brand-new major interview in which he reveals his thoughts on such topics as turning swearing into an art form and the underestimated power of laughter. The one-hour special includes Billy’s classic stand-up moments alongside new and unseen performance footage.

It also features famous fans such as Judi Dench, David Tennant, Andy Murray, Elton John, Eric Idle and Peter Kay who talk about the impact that Billy has had on them. So, tune that banjo and don those wellie boots and spend an uplifting, celebratory hour in the company of the Big Yin.

Billy Connolly & Me: A Celebration airs on Tuesday 18 April 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV