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Birds of a Feather: There’s A Girl in my Souk Festive special airs Christmas Eve on ITV



There's A Girl in my Souk

A Christmas special of the acclaimed sitcomBirds of a Feather that was revived on ITV in 2014 and once again became a ratings hit.

Sisters Sharon Theodopolopodous (Pauline Quirke) and Tracey Stubbs (Linda Robson) have little in common – until both their husbands are sent to prison for committing armed robbery. Sharon soon moves out of her dreary council flat and into Tracey’s large suburban home as the sisters help support each other through this tough time. As the women get on with their lives and their husbands serve their sentences, they find help and hindrance in equal parts from Tracey’s man-eating neighbour, Dorien (Lesley Joseph) – a married, middle-aged woman who has frequent affairs with younger men.

In this special episode There’s a Girl in My Souk, Christmas approaches, but Sharon, Tracey, and Dorien are not content to be sitting around in Chigwell waiting for Santa. When Travis (Charlie Quirke) goes missing in Morocco, our brave heroines head off by plane, ferry, car and camel to bring him home for the holidays, meeting old friends and making new enemies along the way. This episode also stars Samuel James and Martin Kemp.

Birds of a Feather: There’s A Girl in My Souk airs on ITV on Christmas Eve at 8.00pm