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The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco Premieres Wed 25 Jul on ITVThe Bletchley Circle: San Francisco Premieres Wed 25 Jul on ITV


The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco Premieres Wed 25 Jul on ITV



The highly anticipated new series of The Bletchley Circle will premiere on Wednesday 25 July at 9.00pm on ITV. This time its subtitled San Francisco and the action moves to America and it is now 1956.

The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco is a crime drama with a point of difference as it captures the lives of four remarkable women gifted with extraordinary intelligence, breathtaking capacity for pattern recognition, and a genius for decryption.

Years after secretly serving during WWII as code-breakers tasked with penetrating the Axis Powers’ secret communications, they turn their skills to solving murders overlooked by police. In the process they are plunged into fascinating corners of the city, forge powerful relationships, and rediscover their own powers and potential. Our women achieve justice not only for the victims, but also for themselves as they carve out new lives in the wider world.

As the new four parter begins, it’s 1956, two years after we last saw our women, when Jean is confronted with evidence that the killer who struck down a Bletchley girl during the war… has resurfaced in San Francisco. With a scrap of war-time code from an American counterpart (a brilliant cryptographer who worked in the Presidio) Jean and Millie set sail to San Francisco to locate some of those code-breakers, who they hope might be able to lend support to their investigations. Decoding the decade-old teletype message leads them to an underground jazz club in the heart of San Francisco, where they meet Iris — an American musician and math genius who served at the Presidio during the war. She, along with her young engineering prodigy Hailey, is convinced to join forces with their British visitors, in order to track a series of murders that have shattered the Fillmore District — a vibrant downtown neighbourhood where Iris happens to live. His twisted signature: cutting out victims’ tongues and drawing an inexplicable box on their palms.

As the bodies fall ever closer to home, Iris struggles to find the emotional stamina to pursue a cold-blooded killer. Millie and Jean meanwhile insist that the only way to address the death of their WWII friend, is to stop the man they’re now convinced is continuing the violence.

This new Bletchley team works together to decrypt the killer’s pattern of behaviour, coming to recognize the political motivation behind such heinous acts, where those who speak out are brutally silenced.

The Bletchley Circle: San Franciso Episode 1 of 4 airs Wednesday 25 July 2018 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV.


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