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Boe and Ball: Back Together Premieres Sun 29 Oct 2017 on ITV



Boe and Ball: Back Together ITV 2017

Michael Ball and Alfie Boe are two of the world’s most celebrated voices, and in this one off special, they join forces for an unmissable night of music and entertainment.

Michael Ball is an Olivier award-winning star of the stage, and a popular radio and TV presenter. Alfie Boe is one of the nation’s favourite and best-selling tenors and has performed on some of the world’s greatest opera stages as well as leading the cast of Les Miserables.

Last year, the duo recorded a debut album titled Together, which not only claimed the album chart Christmas No 1 but was also the best selling album of 2016.

The release date of their second album, titled Together Again, coincides with the programme. In this one-off TV special, the pair perform some of their favourite songs as well as singing against each other in a musical battle. Michael and Alfie will also be joined by Irish singer and songwriter Imelda May and comedian and singer Jason Manford (pictured centre), as well as a 28-piece orchestra.

Boe and Ball: Back Together airs Sunday 29 October 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV.