Born Silly Premieres Sun 17 Dec on Channel 4

Born Lucky Channel 4

Born Lucky is a new hidden-camera show where parents prank their unsuspecting children. An entertainer gets a bit carried away with a bunch of helium balloons; one lucky 10-year-old wins an ‘eggs box’; a new car embarrasses a father and son when its on-board computer detects a pants problem; and one girl battles to keep the noise down at a relaxation spa. And youngsters are duped by a talking goat, a flying clown and a giant hot dog, courtesy of parents who were definitely born silly.

Director: Marcus Liversedge
Executive Producers: Murray Boland, Mobashir Dar, Danielle Lux
Series Producer: Andy Brown
Production Company: CPL

Born Silly Episode 1 airs Sunday 17 December 2017 from 4.50pm-5.20pm on Channel 4.

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