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What Britain Bought In 2017 airs Thurs 28 Dec on Channel 4



What Britain Bought In 2017

An intriguing, eye-opening one-off look at what the nation’s £7.5 billion-a-week shopping bill says about us and our collective mood. It’s been a momentous year, jam-packed with gob-smacking events in showbiz and politics; with news stories that have shaken and shocked us, made us laugh and cry, but also influenced how we spent our hard-earned cash. Mary Portas gets the inside track from some of Britain’s biggest retailers, celebrity endorsers, and online trend setters, to find out which products had us splashing out, and which brands got it wrong.

From M&S to John Lewis, Superdrug to Poundland, Hobbycraft to Lakeland, Mary examines the retail stories of the year: getting to the bottom of the return of big knickers; the truth behind the unicorn trend; and why the comeback of gin actually shows we are drinking less. There’s also the story on pimping your Prosecco, wearing your politics on your chest and the fidget spinner.

Exec Prod: Dov Freedman
Prod Co: Sundog

What Britain Bought In 2017 airs Thursday 28 December 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on Channel 4.