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Britain's Biggest Hoarders Britain's Biggest Hoarders


Britain’s Biggest Hoarders Premieres 1 May on Channel 4



What makes Sue in Nottinghamshire hoard hundreds of dolls all around her house driving her partner Neil to despair? Why does Scott store thousands of spare computer and hardware parts, piling them high in every room of his house, including the bedroom and bathroom? And why does Faith – his wife of three years – put up with this living hell?

In in-depth programme Britain’s Biggest Hoarders, top experts in the field of Hoarding Disorder spend over three months carefully treating these people and their problems. We reveal the root causes of this much misunderstood condition. Can best practice and intensive treatment transform both Sue and Scott, transform their lives and mend their failing relationships?

Producer and Director: Katy Lock
Executive Producers: Dan Chambers and Francis Baker
Production Company: Blink Films

Britain’s Biggest Hoarders airs on Monday 1 May 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on Channel 4



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