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Call the Cleaners Premieres Mon 24 Jul on ITV



Call The Cleaners ITV 2017

Brand new to ITV, six-part series Call the Cleaners premiering Monday 24 July at 8.00pm, ventures into the world of extreme cleaners.

From dead body clean-ups to squalid homes and hoarders, nothing fazes these brave grime-busters as they pull on the rubber gloves and tackle some horror homes.

The first episode features sisters Yvonne and Angela, who have been extreme cleaners for nearly two decades. They are in London to tackle the dirtiest flat they have ever encountered. The one-bedroom flat is home to an elderly widow who, unable to cope, has been living in heartbreaking squalor. A leaking pipe that has been left for years has spread damp throughout the flat.

In her bedroom, which she has not been able to venture into since the death of her husband, everything is covered in mould and cobwebs. In south London, Maxine and daughter Jasmine are dealing with a hoarder who has 20 years worth of possessions cluttering his flat.

Hoarder Dirg spends his days coordinating minicabs, but in the evening he comes home to utter chaos. Things have got so bad that for the last two years he has been forced to sleep on a makeshift bed on the floor. The programme also follows Shaun and his team, who specialise in full house clearances in Somerset.

Call the Cleaners Episode 1 airs Monday 24th July 2017 at 8.00pm



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