Call The Midwife Christmas Special airs Boxing Day on BBC One

Call The Midwife Christmas Special 2017

Boxing Day brings a large snowfall that covers the country.

The weather causes major disruption across Poplar as the roads become blocked and pipes freeze. The milk float struggles to make its deliveries and Trixie’s holiday with Christopher is cancelled due to the snow.

Valerie helps Linda and Selwyn, an unmarried couple living in a caravan, prepare for their baby – but as the labour progresses, unforeseen complications knock Valerie’s confidence in her ability as a midwife.

Elsewhere, the freezing weather takes the life of Dr Turner’s patient, Percy Tillerson. Sister Julienne, who must inform the family of his death, uncovers an uncomfortable truth about the chirpy late Percy…

Call The Midwife Christmas Special airs Tuesday 26 December 2017 from 7.40pm-9.00pm on BBC One.

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