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Can’t Cope Won’t Cope Episode 3 (BBC-3 18 May 2017, with Velvin Lamont)



Can't Cope Won't Cope

In episode 3 of Can’t Cope Won’t Cope, Aisling and Lorcan are warned to be on their best behaviour when entertaining one of the company’s biggest clients from America. Aisling is determined to comply – until alcohol gets the better of her and she blurts out an unintentional insult to the client.

Danielle meanwhile has been invited along to the evening function and makes matters worse by revealing details of the confidential account. Aisling goes home with Lorcan unaware of the damage she has caused and is in for a shock when she arrives at work the following morning.

Danielle makes a decision about the possible Canadian student exchange programme.

Pictured are Aisling (Seána Kerslake) and Randy (Velvin Lamont)

Can’t Cope Won’t Cope Episode 3 (of 6) is available on BBC iPlayer from 10am on Thursday 18 May 2017