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Can’t Cope Won’t Cope Episode 5 (BBC-3 1 Jun 2017)



Can't Cope Won't Cope Episode 5

In the fifth episode of Can’t Cope Won’t Cope, upon waking in Mountjoy Garda station, having been arrested for being drunk and incapable, Aisling asks that the Garda call Danielle to collect her.

Danielle has spent the night with Ferg and on getting the call, gets a taxi to the station. An unappreciative and still drunk Aisling calls in sick to work and expects Danielle to stay and comfort her, but Danielle is approaching her end-of-term exhibition and goes in to college.

Finally giving in to Aisling’s pressure, the girls take an impulsive ride to the Wicklow Hills, an impulse which proves to be a turning point in their relationship.

Pictured are Danielle (Nika McGuigan) and Aisling (Seána Kerslake)

Can’t Cope Won’t Cope Episode 5 (of 6) will be available on BBC iPlayer from 10.00am on Thursday 1 June