CBeebies Stargazing airs Tues 12 Dec

CBeebies Stargazing

Presented by Chris Jarvis and with expert knowledge courtesy of space scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, a group of young Stargazers visit Stargazing Park to learn more about the wonders of the night sky.

In this Christmas special, airing Tuesday 12 December at 5.45pm on CBeebies, the young Stargazers help Chris and CBeebies’ Robert The Robot to complete their special mission: to identify the Plough, find the North Star and find Maggie in her winter wonderland location.

Chris gives Maggie her Christmas present – an illuminated night sky umbrella – which she uses to demonstrate that the North Star is the only star which doesn’t move position in the sky.

Maggie also points out other constellations – Cassiopeia The Queen, Auriga The Charioteer, Cygnus The Swan and the Milky Way before everyone joins in for a Christmas singalong about these constellations.

CBeebies Stargazing airs Tuesday 12 December 2017 from 5.45pm-6.00pm on CBeebies.

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