The Channel: The World’s Busiest Waterway Episode 3 (Channel 4 13 Dec 2017)

The Channel The World's Busiest Waterway

The penultimate episode of this four part doco airs Wednesday 13 December at 9.00pm on Channel 4. For thousands of people the Channel is a workplace, with money to be made from its riches. Dredgers mine the sea floor for valuable gravel and sand, which is used for concrete and building works. Off-shore fishing has taken place along the south coast for centuries. But who gets to use the Channel is changing. New industries and technologies are fighting for space with the old, transforming what the Channel is for.

Wind farms are rising like skyscrapers and now a new multi-million-pound electricity cable called Project Nemo is being laid between Britain and Belgium. But while it’s being laid all other users of the Channel can’t go near it. This episode follows Nemo project manager Dave as he attempts to stick to the schedule, as a day’s delay could cost a six-figure sum.

Meanwhile, the project has pushed fisherman Steve out of his fishing grounds. Already hampered by EU fishing quotas, Steve pins his hopes for a different future on Brexit. Meanwhile, French fisherman Alexi has a very different experience. His quota is higher and, while British fishermen can’t go within twelve miles of the French coast, French fishermen can go within six miles of Britain’s.

Series Director: Owen Gower
Series Producer: Will Rowson
Executive Producers: Alistair Pegg, Jon Stephens, Ed Coulthard
Production Company: Blast! Films

The Channel: The World’s Busiest Waterway Episode 3 (of 4) airs Wednesday 13 December 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on Channel 4.

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