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Child Of Our Time 2017 Episode 1 (BBC-1 3 Apr 2017, with Robert Winston)



Child Of Our Time

In 2000 the BBC embarked on a groundbreaking project to follow the lives of 25 babies from across the UK. At 16, these children of our time are almost fully grown. They are now free to live by themselves, get married, pay taxes and even have children of their own.

In this, the first of two new episodes and premiering on Monday 3 April at 9.00pm on BBC One, Professor Robert Winston and Professor Tanya Byron discover how our teenagers’ changing brains means that what they choose to do at 16, can shape their lives forever.

Tanya invites fun-loving Matt to take part in a MRI scan to investigate what might be at the root of his new-found thrill-seeking. Megan enjoys her newfound independence, and we meet Charlie in the throes of first love. Eve shares a life-changing revelation, and Jamie explains the shocking events that caused him to re-evaluate his priorities. Megan’s high-spirited birthday party reveals the influence of peer groups, while Rhianna’s close friendships show the importance of teenage tribes. In Scotland, twins Alex and Ivo’s busy brains shed light on the critical biological changes happening to all our teens.

With surprising new research in human biology and neuroscience, we reveal how the most baffling aspects of teenage life can be explained and illuminated by the latest understanding of the changing teenage brain. The brains of our 16 year-olds are wired to feel more self-conscious, to be more mentally creative, and to feel more intense pleasure, than at any other time in their lives. Through intimate stories, compelling archive and experiments Child Of Our Time brings you the inside story of today’s 16 year-olds.

Child Of Our Time was produced in partnership with The Open University.

Child Of Our Time 2017 Episode 1 (of 2) airs on Monday 3 April 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC One.



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