Close To The Enemy Final Episode airs BBC-2 22 Dec



Stephen Poliakoff’s superb post war spy drama Close to the Enemy finishes it’s seven part run on BBC Two this 22 December at 9.00pm.

As things come to a head preparations for Dieter’s wedding are underway. Employing the same tactics as Callum, Kathy finally confronts Birgit about her activities and forces her to see that her options are limited.

Harold makes a decisive move, as he struggles to cope with feelings of inadequacy. Concerned that he is caught in a marital game, Callum forces Rachel to admit her true feelings for him.

As ever, Victor remains haunted by the effects of the war and the people who will get away with crimes they committed in the name of war. But he learns that there are some people who are too important to prosecute – no matter what they have done.

Seen in our picture above are Anna (Sai Bennett) and Dieter Koehler (August Diehl)

Jim Sturgess as Callum Ferguson
Freddie Highmore as Victor Ferguson
Lucy Ward as Lotte Koehler
August Diehl as Dieter Koehler
Charlotte Riley as Rachel Lombard
Phoebe Fox as Kathy Griffiths
Sebastian Armesto as Alex Lombard
Robert Glenister as Brigadier Wainwright
Julian Bleach as Geoffrey Salter
Alfie Allen as Ringwood
Charity Wakefield as Julia
Ciara Charteris as Lucy Lindsay-Jones
Alfred Molina as Harold Lindsay-Jones
Lindsay Duncan as Frau Bellinghausen
Duncan Wisbey as Leonard
Angela Bassett as Eva
Carly Bawden as Ruth
Emma Fielding as Miss Clarkson
Sai Bennett as Anna
Aleksandar Jovanavic as Horst Kleinow
Antje Traue as Bergit Mentz
Vinette Robinson as Rita

Close to the Enemy Episode 7 (of 7) airs on BBC Two Thursday 22 December 2016 at 9.00pm on BBC Two

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