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Cold Feet Season 7 Episode 4 (ITV 29 Sep 2017, with Paul Ritter)



Cold Feet Season 7 Episode 4

Series seven of Cold Feet continues with episode 4 airing on Friday 29 September at 9.00pm on ITV. Adam (James Nesbitt) is shocked when graphic material featuring Tina (Leanne Best) appears online. Tina is devastated and whilst Adam comforts her, he cannot help but take matters into his own hands.

Seeking revenge, he tracks down Tina’s ex-partner Jamie. Adam confides in his work friend Sarah (Amy Huberman), who also happens to be Jamie’s wife. Despite their complicated connection, they are growing close and she is a welcome distraction from all the drama in Adam’s life – but Adam cannot work out how to tell Tina about their friendship.

The situation is then made worse by a revelation from Sarah. With David’s (Robert Bathurst) help, Karen (Hermione Norris) takes on Benjamin (Paul Ritter), but their efforts are not enough and Karen needs to quickly find enough cash to save her venture. David tries to persuade Nikki (Siobhan Finneran) to leave her husband, George, but she is backed into a corner – can David be her white Knight too?

Tensions flare in the Gifford household, as Pete (John Thomson) and Jenny (Fay Ripley) try to adjust to their new house guest.

Cold Feet Season 7 Episode 4 airs on Friday 29 September 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV.