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Confessions Of A Junior Doctor Episode 4 (Channel 4 10 May 2017)



Confessions of a Junior Doctor Channel 4

Confessions of a Junior Doctor is the story of the NHS in unprecedented times, told by the junior doctors on the front line. This episode follows juniors working in the competitive world of surgery, where people often make big personal sacrifices to further their careers. James is a brand new registrar, stepping up to the most senior level of junior doctor. He is leading operations for the first time as well as managing a 24-hour on-call shift and the difficult decision of when to operate and when to let someone die. The hours are long and his commitment soon starts to affect his own health.

Zeeshan is fresh out of medical school and determined to become a surgeon. His focus is impressive but the consultants are concerned that he needs to look after himself as well as his patients.

Kayla is one of a handful of female juniors training to become surgeons. She has perhaps made the greatest sacrifice of all by leaving her son at home in China with her parents while she works in the UK. As he grows up, Kayla faces important choices about how to be a good mother as well as a surgeon.

Series Director: Will Lorimer
Series Producer: Clare Cameron
Producer and Director: Will Jessop
Executive Producers: David Clews, Grace Reynolds
Production Company: TwoFour

Confessions Of A Junior Doctor Episode 4 airs on Wednesday 10 May 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on Channel 4.