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Conviction: Enemy Combatant Premieres Sun Jan 15, 2017 on ABC



Conviction Generic

In Enemy Combatant former President Morrison pays Hayes an unexpected visit and lobbies her (and CIU) to take on the case of Omar Abbas, a Muslim-American citizen held for years without trial in a military facility for allegedly planning a chemical attack on Manhattan. But taking on the federal war on terror is a hot-button issue, and Hayes and the CIU find themselves battling the authorities in their search for the truth.

Meanwhile, just as Hayes and Wallace become more comfortable with their relationship, her father raises questions about the couple’s long-term viability.

Cast: Hayley Atwell as Hayes Morrison, Eddie Cahill as Conner Wallace, Shawn Ashmore as Sam Spencer, Merrin Dungey as Maxine Bohen, Emily Kinney as Tess Larson, Manny Montana as Franklin “Frankie” Cruz and Daniel Franzese as Jackson Morrison.

Guest starring are Martin Donovan as Theodore “Ted” Morrison, Armin Amiri as Tariq Abbas, Karen Oberoi as Omar Abbas and Clark Jackson as Agent Cole Sexton.

Enemy Combatant was written by Eduardo Javier Canto & Ryan Maldonado and directed by Paul Edwards.

Series: Conviction Season 1 Episode 12
Airdate: Sunday January 15, 2017 at 10.00pm on the ABC Television Network.