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The Cruise: Sailing The Mediterranean airs ITV 19 Jan



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The Cruise: Sailing The Mediterranean is the series following life on board the Royal Princess for the crew of 1,400 who live and work on her. In this episode, the Mediterranean weather takes a turn for the worse – which threatens one young British couple’s wedding.

The ship comes across a semi-submerged boat and the captain must make some critical decisions. It is the first time for new officer Lauren and she must keep constant watch on the wreck as it threatens to disappear amid the swells and the rescue team are poised for action.

Despite choppy seas, the show must go on in the ship’s theatre, where the magicians are attempting to pull off a gravity-defying illusion that sees ex-dancer Trish balance on the tip of a metal sword. Passengers Kat and Dave from Norfolk have brought 17 of their closest friends and family along to witness their dream wedding. But if staff cannot mop up the flooded decks in time, it could be a rather soggy ceremony.

And on the passenger services desk, galley assistant Nico goes from making sandwiches to answering guest queries as he embarks on his first trial shift, mentored by front desk veterans Timothy and Emma. Will he have what it takes?

The Cruise: Sailing The Mediterranean airs Thursday 19 January 2017 at 9.00pm on ITV.