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The Cruise: Sailing the Mediterranean Double Bill Finale 9 & 10 Feb on ITV



It’s a double bill as the final two episodes of The Cruise: Sailing the Mediterranean brings the second series to a close. Episode 5 airs on Thursday 9 February at 8.30pm and Episode 6 airs on Friday 10 February at 8.00pm.

Hugh Bonneville narrates the series which follows life on board for the crew who live and work onthe luxury cruise ship Royal Princess.

In episode five, as the ship arrives at Gibraltar, it is a crucial moment for Johnny and Tricia Hawley. After weeks of preparing a dangerous new illusion first performed by the great Houdini, things do not go to plan in their final rehearsal and they must contend with the added pressure of having a new member of the stage production team. Having been signed off by the captain as competent to take charge of the ship’s navigation, junior officer Lauren (pictured) has her first shift commanding the bridge.

In episode six, as the passengers and the ship continues on its journey around the Mediterranean, some members of the crew are coming to the end of theirs. After eleven years at sea, dance captain Eleanor has decided it is time to hang up her dancing shoes and return to her native Yorkshire. With her mum Jayne on board to support her, she must get through a final emotional performance on the stage that has been her home for over a decade. Rookie IT officer Victoria is having difficulty adjusting to life on board and with her probation period coming to an end and her appraisal looming – has she done enough to impress her boss and hang on to her job?

The Cruise: Sailing the Mediterranean Episodes 5 and 6 air on Thursday 9 February at 8.30pm and Friday 10 February at 8.00pm on ITV.