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Death In Paradise Season 6 Episode 2 (BBC-1 12 Jan 2017, Kemi-Bo Jacobs)



Death In Paradise Season 6 Episode 2

In the second episode of the new season of Death In Paradise, airing on BBC-1 on Thursday 12 Jan at 9.00pm, the Saint Marie Literary Festival is rocked by the death of young literature student and Florence’s childhood friend, Esther Monroe, when she is discovered at the bottom of a cliff on the opening day.

Mirroring the death of the tragic heroine from her favourite novel (written by the festival host and local literary star Sylvie Baptiste) and with the presence of a note in Esther’s bag, suicide is suspected by everyone. Everyone except for Humphrey.

Puzzled by the typed suicide note, Humphrey and Florence delve deeper into the circumstances leading up to the tragic death. But with everyone Esther knows present at the literary talk, how could any of them be responsible for pushing her off the cliff?

Meanwhile, concerned that Florence is letting her personal attachment to the case take over her life, Humphrey enlists her help in preparing the shack for Martha’s stay. Elsewhere, JP and Dwayne investigate an abandoned bungalow.

Our picture shows Esther Monroe played by Kemi-Bo Jacobs.

Death In Paradise Season 6 Episode 2 airs on Thursday 12 January, 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC One.