DIY SOS: Veteran Street airs 8 Nov on BBC One

DIY SOS- Veteran Street

DIY SOS returns to Veteran Street in Manchester to build the final home on the road for a decorated former soldier and his young family.

Two years ago, with the help of Prince William and Prince Harry, DIY SOS took on their biggest ever build – starting a project to transform a run down, unloved street into the first stage of a vibrant veteran’s village, bringing the community back to life, creating new homes and a veterans support centre.

Now, DIY SOS is back to build the last remaining home for Simon Flores, a 36 year-old single dad of three young children, who had his foot blown off by a road side bomb during a patrol in Iraq.

Simon, a decorated veteran, faces big housing challenges and needs a house that is big enough and works for him and his young family. He’s desperate to leave the two-bed house, where he shares a room with his youngest son. The house and location just isn’t suitable for Simon – and it’s unsafe for the kids too. He has relied on free furniture to try to make the house a home for his kids but his physical disability limits what he can do as a dad: he can’t play football with them for more than a few minutes, or walk to a safe park without struggling with his leg.

He’s desperate for a fresh start, somewhere with the necessary adaptions. He wants a place where he can forge relationships with other families and veterans who have been through life-changing challenges too, like Veteran Street in Manchester. If he could move, he can take a step closer to his dream of becoming a fitness trainer for other disabled people – and fellow amputees – to help them re-build their own lives.

With the help of an army of volunteers, Nick Knowles and the team are determined to get Simon and his young family a new home and finish the veterans’ project.

DIY SOS: Veteran Street airs Wednesday 8 November 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on BBC One.

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