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Doc Martin New Series Premiere Wed 20 Sep on ITV



Doc Martin Series Premiere

The ever popular drama Doc Martin returns for a brand new series, starring Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz. It premieres on ITV on Wednesday at 9.00pm.

After their relationship therapy – which did more to hinder than help their relationship – Dr Martin Ellingham (Clunes), his wife Louisa (Catz) and baby son James Henry are now living together again in the surgery.

The doc’s formidable Aunt Ruth (Dame Eileen Atkins) has gone into the whisky-making business with Bert Large (Ian McNeice) and his son Al (Joe Absolom), but she is beginning to doubt the wisdom of her decision.

In the first episode, Portwenn is buzzing with activity as the community make preparations for Janice (Robyn Addison) and Penhale’s (John Marquez) upcoming wedding. As the big day approaches Penhale deals with some personal medical issues, which could prevent him making it down the aisle.

Penhale’s best man Al (Absolom) is struggling with his duties, especially when Bert’s (McNeice) marketing antics mean that ‘Large Whisky’ is the only thing on offer at the pre-wedding party.

Doc Martin Series Premiere airs on Wednesday 20 September 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV