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Don’t Ask Me Ask Britain Premieres 18 Apr on ITV



Don't Ask Me Britain

Comedian Alexander Armstrong hosts the brand-new, live and interactive, comedy gameshow Don’t Ask Me Britain for ITV. The six-part series, premiering on Tuesday 18 April at 8.00pm and filmed in front of a live studio audience, will ask the viewers at home to vote along on opinion-based topics as the on-screen celebrity teams go head to head in an attempt to predict what the audience consensus will be.

The result is an entirely unique broadcasting experience that harnesses the wonders of modern technology to create a level of interactivity between show and audience like never before. All viewers have to do is download the free app and they can make their voice heard on anything from high profile political issues such as a second Scottish referendum, to embarrassing social faux pas such as the correct etiquette when blocking the toilet at a dinner party.

With a whole range of probing questions and bizarre scenarios at the ready, Alexander is about to put the whole country to the test. Just how well do the nation’s favourite celebrities know their adoring public? Which stars are in tune with the people of Britain and which are in a world of their own? The answers may be surprising.

Don’t Ask Me Ask Britain premieres on Tuesday 18 April 2017 at 8.00pm on ITV



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